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Hundreds of people slip and fall every year. While elderly persons are the most at-risk group for a slip and fall accident, as well as injuries that require medical attention in this situation, anyone can experience premises fall accident when conditions are unsafe. While some slip and fall accidents are relatively harmless, such injuries can be very serious. If you are severely injured in a slip and fall accident in Florida, LMK Legal can help you to understand premises liability law.

Some premises accident incidents leave the victim unharmed, or with injuries that are no more serious than slight bruising. But these slip and fall victims are the lucky ones, many are not nearly as fortunate.

When the accident is extremely serious, a victim may incur:

  • Traumatic brain injury – If the head is impacted in a fall, the victim may sustain a concussion or another type of traumatic brain injury, depending on the force with which the head is hit.
  • Fractured bones – Fractured bones are common in slip and fall accidents, especially amongst older persons. Common areas of fracture include the wrist or the elbow, as a person may attempt to brace themselves against the fall by placing their hand on the ground. The hip is also another common area for fracture.
  • Back injuries – If a person lands on their back when the fall, they may sustain a back injury. In addition to just being sore, a muscle, tendon, or ligament strain the back or neck may also occur. In serious cases, a vertebra in the back may fracture, and in the most severe of cases, the spinal cord may be impacted, which can result in paralysis.

Of course, a person may also suffer from lacerations, bruising, internal injuries, and more in a slip and fall depending upon the severity of the fall and the person’s own health.

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